Bailey Avila Beach 


Bailey began cheer at the age of 17. He loved it so much that he was helping to coach gymnastics and all-star cheer within a year! Having worked for multiple gyms, he has gained experience coaching level 1 -3 teams and teaching tumbling classes for levels 1 -4. He has now made his home here at Gymnastics Beat and we could not be happier with the enthusiasm and flair he has brought to Pyramid Athletics. Bailey grew up in the theater and his love of performing enhances his style. In the last two years, three teams he has coached have received bids to the D2 Summit in Florida, one of which placed in the top 10 in the final round! Coach Bailey says, “I want to have a gym full of confident, happy athletes who are proud of everything they are doing with the Gymnastics Beat family. I want every team we work with to leave a mark on the cheer industry.”