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Chris Blache


Gym Consultant & Manager

If one were to ask: "What is a consultant?," the internet would tell you many different adjectives to describe what Chris is. Whether that be advisor, counselor, expert, specialist, or authority, Chris is all of the above; and a very excellent coach, too!

Chris has been teaching and managing sports facilities for over 25 years! It all started back with coaching for past Olympian Cathy Rigby's gymnastics club in Mission Viejo, CA and moving on to other gyms like Southern California Acro Team (SCATS) in Anaheim, Fun & Fit gym in Burbank, and Lyon's Gymnastics in Ventura. Among his travels in between, he has taught PE and Math overseas at a private school in Kathmandu, Nepal and rode cross country on his motorcycle to other states like Oklahoma and Texas! Chris has thoroughly enjoyed his time, mainly in Oregon, where he taught and managed a gym called Oregon Sports Center for 9 years and working at America's Best Kids for 12 years as their Operations Manager.

After receiving his degree in Business Management in Oregon, Chris decided to move back to California where his friends and family reside. During this time from 2017 - 2021, he assisted another gym owner of a California gymnastics facility to expand their presence in the Central Valley as their head Junior Olympic coach and facilities manager. 

Other cool things about Chris is that he has always been passionate about parkour, since back in the day he claims it was just called 'street tumbling'! On top of that, Chris has practiced MMA (recreationally), loves skateboarding, long-boarding, motorcycling, and even skydiving! 

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