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Ashley Alcantar



Ashley Alcantar – camp coach, birthday host & special events facepainter


Ashley has been attending gym classes here since she was a little kid! Growing up in a gymnastics center was a huge part of her life!  She started volunteering in December of 2020 for the many seasonal camps offered for kids and proudly wore the bright red ‘Junior Coach’ uniform everyday! Not only did we find out that she loved overseeing camp kids, but her other passion for art came busting out!  Ashley has a gift of designing creative face-paintings!  She practically face-painted over 40 kids in one day during camp!

Besides art, Ashley loves drawing, cooking, boxing (yes don’t mess with her!) and learning new things everyday at the gym.

Now attending the new Justin Garza high school, Ashley turned in her ‘volunteer red shirt’ for a ‘REAL’ coach’s shirt and now enjoys spending her hard-earned income to her heart’s desire!  Besides camps, Ashley does birthday parties, special events and PNO (parents night out).

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