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Cierra Suarez



Cierra Suarez – coach


Cierra has been in gymnastics for over 5 years and came to GymBeat only 2 years ago.  She competed for us on the Xcel Gold team in 2020-21 and is now competing for the Central High School competitive cheer team as a flyer.


Cierra took interest in helping at our gym as a ‘Junior Coach’ with birthday parties and camps and is now proud to have her very own classes to guide and coach.


Her interests in school are many, especially being a volunteer for her high school’s ‘Athletes-n-Readers’ club by reading books to elementary school kids!  As a junior, Cierra is already planning to attend Fresno City college, then transfer to UC Davis upon graduation.  She aspires to keep cheering all the way into college, while pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Development and eventually becoming an elementary school teacher! Thank you, Cierra, we look forward to seeing you do great things with us and your future career in teaching!

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