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Jade Zamora



Jade Zamora-Alvarez – coach


Jade was born and raised in Fresno! Her main interest is learning more about child development, having two boys of her own, ages 5 and 1.  In fact, Jade found herself loving the pre-k classes on Wed mornings so much, that becoming a coach was right up her alley!  Jade loves to be active with her kids especially since she loves being a mom and teacher!  She has experience teaching children art and would love to one day, incorporate both child development with a touch of art!  “Creativity never stops and there’s always something new to learn each day!”


Jade’s other interests include painting, reading books, eating sushi, listening to her fav group: Queen and taking care of her pet fish named Blue!  Welcome aboard Jade, we look forward to seeing your future endeavors!

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