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Gymnastic Classes

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10 mo. to 3 years

Baby Beats

This is a coach-led parent participation class. The parent and child will follow the coach’s instructions and work on the various gymnastic apparatus. The Baby Beats class will help build your child’s motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination, social interaction, and listening skills.

This is a co-ed class.


Age 3 - 4 years.

Little Beats

In Little Beats the child will learn the basics of gymnastics in an environment designed just for them. In these fun-filled classes the child will learn how to follow instructions, explore gymnastics, and boost their self-confidence.

This is a co-ed class.


Age 4 - 5 years.

Big Beats

In these classes your child will be learning gymnastics on each of the Olympic events (vault, bars, beam, floor), including trampoline. Balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility are the four foundational elements of this program.


This is a co-ed class.

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