Elena Agler


Head Compulsory

Team Coach

Elena was first trained in gymnastics in her home country of Russia. Now with more than 19 years of experience as a team gymnastics coach in the U.S., she brings discipline and a unique sense of humor to every class. With a strong knowledge of technical skills, she has trained and developed multiple students to become state champions in compulsories from Wisconsin, Utah and now California. Elena has a B.A. in Social Work and Socio-Psychological Counseling and a Master of Arts degree in Social Pedagogy and Socio-Psychological Counseling. It is clear she cares as much about the mental and emotional wellbeing of her students as she cares about their physical health and athletic goals. Her background in psychology not only benefits our staff at Gymnastics Beat but is evident in her care and respect for each one of her students! Now in 2022 Lena has produced three more State Champions of California! But our team didn't stop there! They have now finished their season by competing at National Championships. And the Gymnastics Beat competitive team came home with two National Champions! These two athletes are Gymnastics Beat's first National Champions! We're all so proud of our young emerging athletes and coach Lena for a season well done!

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3. Champ Jenna M. (1).png
4. Champ Laney (1).png
5. Champ Demi.png
6. Champ Isabel.png