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Janice Hernandez

Office Manager

Janice Hernandez – Office Manager


Janice and her then 4-year-old daughter Emma first came to our gym for a pre-school class.  Now 11 years later, Janice represents GymBeat as Office Manager and shouts out to all: “I love the ‘family atmosphere’ here”!  She loves talking to everybody about her experiences involving both her daughters Emma, who is now a coach for our popular fundamental cheer program as well as an athlete for our PA Junior Elite level 2, while her youngest 9-year-old Isabella, competes on Youth Elite level 1!  Observing her children grow up and learning the gifts of what gymnastics, cheer, and ninja skills can do for all kids, she represents our gym with absolute passion!

Janice has worked in customer service and management for over 15 years, starting at the age of 16 up to her last manager’s position at a popular restaurant in Clovis.  Working late nights and all weekends for many years in the restaurant industry is hard enough on family time, so she made the leap to restructure her management background to something she can brag about with zest….her kids and our gym!

During down time, Janice loves spending her free hours with her kids watching Netflix, shopping and hiking…oh yes and accompanying her daughters to all competitions while in season!  She says “wherever we go to compete, we still spend time as a family” …. “And isn’t that important in life”?  Well Said!!

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