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General Manager

Joe Softich

As General Manager, Joe uses his more than 37 years of head coach experience to help lead our team and make sure every athlete reaches their full potential. His leadership and clear direction have benefited countless students on an international scale, including the Namibian National Team when Joe was their head coach for African championships. Joe has coached both men’s and women’s gymnastics teams from developmental to Level 10. Having owned a gym himself, Mid-Columbia Gymnastics Academy in Washington State, he now is using his gifted management and decision-making skills to benefit Gymnastics Beat. Of his many accomplishments, Joe is most proud of the results he has seen in his students. His work with college athletes has resulted in multiple scholarships for gymnastics, and his training helped qualify athletes for Region 2 international competitions. He was even able to take athletes to train in Beijing, China!

Personally, Joe's background in professional gymnastics must have rubbed off on his son, Sam. He has competed for his father at their gym in Washington state, making it all the way to Level 10 and competing at Nationals for the University of Washington. He is currently working for Cirque de Soleil in the 'Beatle's Love Show' in Las Vegas! Aside from that, Joe also loves fishing and crafting... he can make and fix everything!

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