Karen Ortiz


Karen represents Gymnastics Beat with the best customer service people will ever experience.  As one of our front desk administrators, she is ready to handle all of our familys' inquiries and a whole lot more. With a background of over 7 years as a PBX Operator at UC Irvine Hospital in Orange County, one can see how professional Karen works with everyone. On top of that, working for Disneyland (Anaheim) as a cast member and rides operator was not only a blast, but that is where Karen found her calling – making lots of kids HAPPY! Graduating from Cal Poly Pomona in Graphic Design, Karen eventually left the hustle and bustle of OC, found her way to Fresno with a family in tow, and landed her job here at our gym! In her spare time, Karen finds time to crochet, play video games, create favorite dishes, and takes care of her pet cat.

Front Desk Staff