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Melissa Jimenez



As with many of our employees, Coach Melissa first developed a love for gymnastics at a young age. She began taking lessons at age 6 and competed up through Level 5. In high school, she participated in varsity gymnastics all four years, but also made time for other sports, such as basketball and softball. Melissa has been working with us at Gymnastics Beat for nearly 11 years now! As a coach for some of our youngest students (pre-K, advanced pre-K, and gym junior classes), we have great confidence in Melissa’s ability to share her passion for gymnastics while also giving children the support and care they need. Not only does she have a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies (with a focus in Early Childhood Education) and her teaching credentials, but she is also the mom of three (future gymnasts perhaps?). She is very aware of the individual needs of students and has experience working as an aide for Special Education. Aside from gymnastics, some of her favorite things to do are travel, hang out at the beach, and spend time with her family. 

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