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Miguel Padilla

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Miguel began his career in gymnastics at the age of 6. He has trained in some of the most decorated gyms in Argentina and Brazil and even represented Mexico as a national gymnastics judge! As if this was not enough, he also developed an interest in cheer, coaching classes, and coordinating cheer programs at Colegio Ingles Hidalgo and Universidad Del Valle De Mexico. With over 23 years of international experience in both gymnastics and cheer, it is no surprise the head coaches tend to “fight” over his help! He continues to broaden his experience, coaching tumbling, gymnastics for boys and girls, Xcel training, cheer stunting and offering private lessons. His personality and humor make him a huge favorite with the children. Our whole team appreciates his commitment to Gymnastics Beat! Miguel is always ready to step in to help with substituting, summer camps, birthday parties, open gyms, and more. Coach Miguel enjoys running and taking laps in the pool in his spare time. He is also looking forward to watching the next Olympic games!

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