Sydney Rivera 

Sydney began her athletic career at age 13 in Reyna’s Black Belt Academy in Selma. She has won two District Titles in XMA (extreme martial arts) and two State Titles in XMA. Eventually, she became an assistant instructor, teaching martial arts, taekwondo, and XMA. As the co-head coach of NinjaZone, she brings expertise to our curriculum in various martial arts forms, including traditional, self-defense, and tricking. She also has competitive experience in Women’s Cheer/Stunt, Travel Soccer/Indoor Soccer, Basketball, and Track/Cross-country. With her sights on a Biomedical Engineering degree, we are happy to have her with us for the time being. She loves working with children and says, “I’ve been waiting for a long time for this opportunity and can’t wait to help grow our ninjas!”

Ninja Zone

Co-Head Coach