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Image by Aiony Haust

Alejandro Contreras

Alejandro comes from a big family ranch in Santa Rosa, about four hours north of Fresno, where he grew up around all kinds of people and animals. He is attending Fresno State, majoring in kinesiology, and hopes to become a physical therapist and a personal trainer. 


Being active has been very important to Alejandro his whole life. In high school he joined the track & field team for pole vaulting and also trained as a boxer. 


Unfortunately, his season ended early because of the pandemic, and in finding new ways to stay active, he decided on learning how to do handstands. Eventually after he mastered that, he moved onto other calisthenics skills like the human flag, muscle-ups, and front lever. Ask him to show you sometime!


Alejandro says that achieving these skills has taught him to understand how his body works and prove that he’s capable of anything he puts his mind to. 


Alejandro likes to help others and teach them how to stay active, so when he isn’t at school or coaching ninjas at Gymnastics Beat, he is rock climbing or coaching weekend classes at a local boxing gym.

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