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The objective of N.G.A. is to offer gymnasts with diverse abilities and levels of commitment the chance to enjoy a fulfilling gymnastics journey. It caters to individuals who possess a genuine passion for gymnastics and seek continued engagement in the sport, while not desiring the rigorous dedication demanded by the upper echelons of Level 10 or elite gymnastics. This program accommodates those who may have constraints on their gym hours due to other engagements or involvement in different activities or sports, yet aspire to maintain their competitiveness in gymnastics.

*Please note that N.G.A is by invitation only

N.G.A. is perfect for those gymnasts that

  • Have a passion for gymnastics and are wanting to stay involved in the sport, but are not wanting the commitment of preparing for the higher levels of Level 10 or elite gymnastics.

  • Cannot be in the gym large number of hours because of other activities or sports but still wants to be a competitive gymnast.

*Please note N.G.A. is by invitation only.

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