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Welcome to Class Central, your go-to hub for all things class-related! Explore class schedules, dress codes, and easy registration steps, including 'how to register' and 'how to create an account.' Stay updated with our calendars and simplified billing info. We're here to make your learning experience straightforward and enjoyable.

How do I Register for Classes? 

If you are ready to register for a class, we offer easy and convenient online enrollment for many of our classes and special events. To enroll online please login to our customer portal at or through our mobile app (see below for downloading the app):

  • Search ICP App (iClass Pro App) in your app store.

  • Download the app

  • When you open the app, it will prompt you to select an organization. In the box please type: Gymnasticsbeat (all one word and don’t forget the “s” in gymnastics).

  • If you have already created an online account before at , go ahead and enter your email and password on the lines.

How to Create an Account?

  • ​If you have never created an account, go to the Home Page on our website. On the top right hand side, click Login. Next, click My Account on the top left. Follow the prompts on the screen and please use the same email that you would like to be associated with anything related to Gymnastics Beat (feel free to contact us if you need any help).

  • You are all set and ready to use your account. On the account, you can pay your bill, switch classes, enroll another child, sign up for camps, etc. 

Dress Code

Attire Guidelines for a Safe and Stylish Experience: At our gym, we prioritize safety and comfort to ensure an optimal learning experience for your child. From Recreational to Competitive levels, our carefully crafted dress code emphasizes the importance of appropriate attire. From leotards to "grippy" socks, we've outlined the essentials to guarantee a secure and enjoyable journey through gymnastics. By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to create a space where your child can flourish and make their gymnastics journey both safe and stylish.

Class and Billing Details

As part of our commitment to simplicity and consistency, we've streamlined our pricing to be based on an average of four classes per month. While your child may have five classes in certain months or three classes during holidays or gym closings, your monthly bill remains constant. It's important to note that each class technically ends 5 minutes before the scheduled finish time, allowing coaches time for farewells, distributing flyers, and discussing class highlights with parents. We appreciate your understanding, and please be aware that we do not offer makeup classes or tokens for scheduled holiday closings.

*View more details on FAQs page for more account and billing questions 

Yearly Calendar 

Discover the highlights of the year with our comprehensive yearly calendar. Stay in the loop with significant events, closure dates, exciting camp sessions, and important evaluation milestones."

For a detailed view of what's happening each month, dive into our monthly calendar. Find specific dates for events, closures, camps, evaluations, and a variety of recreational activities, ensuring you stay informed about the month ahead.

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