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Image by Aiony Haust

Alexandra Durham

Alexandra, like many of our students that grew up in our gym since childhood, now is using all her athletic training in both tumbling and cheer to have such an exciting cheer career and yet, there still more to come.


She has cheered for over 13 years, doing All-Stars, sideline cheer and school competition cheer. Alexandra is a 2-time NCA champion, 2-time CIF champion and 1-time USA champion. Her leadership and responsibilities also helped her serve as Central East high school Varsity cheer captain for sideline and competition cheer!


Now attending Fresno State University, majoring in Sports Nutrition, and taking a year off from the sport as an athlete, Alexandra now assists our Pyramid Athletics teams as coach.  She quotes: “I have grown up with Gymnastics Beat and can’t wait to give back to the cheer program I love so much!"


We look forward to a great 2022-2023 competition season with you Alexandra!

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