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Cierra Suarez

Cierra has been in gymnastics for over 5 years and came to GymBeat 3 years ago. She competed for us on the Xcel Gold team in 2020-21 and is now competing for the Central High School competitive cheer team as a flyer.


Cierra took interest in helping at our gym as a ‘Junior Coach’ with birthday parties and camps and is now proud to have her very own classes to guide and coach.


Her interests in school are many, especially being a volunteer for her high school’s ‘Athletes-n-Readers’ club by reading books to elementary school kids!  As a Senior, Cierra is already planning to attend Fresno City college, then transfer to UC Davis upon graduation. She aspires to keep cheering all the way into college, while pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Development and eventually becoming an elementary school teacher! 

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