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Bobby Roberts

Meet Coach Bobby, a seasoned gymnastics and personal training leader with a passion for coaching that ignited at Gymnastics Beat at the age of 17. From volunteering to competing on the Acrobatic Team, Bobby's journey was marked by dedication and diverse experiences.

After moving to Los Angeles, Bobby founded "Do the Most" Services, a personal training business that evolved into a mentorship and multi-varietal skills program. He excelled not only in coaching but also landed stuntman roles and acting gigs.

Returning to Fresno at 25, Bobby balanced a thriving business with a coaching position at Playground Training Academy for five years. His coaching repertoire included diverse activities such as autism events, handstand workshops, character-based workshops, foster home leadership, 1 on 1 mentoring, competition coaching, toddler coaching, and more.


Bobby's impact extended beyond the gym, actively participating in school P.E programs, demos, birthday parties, events, and young male leadership programs. With 13 years of coaching experience, including 7 years in a head coach/lead role, Bobby is back at Gymnastics Beat, ready to lead and inspire with more experience than ever and CPR/First Aid certification.

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