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Tammie Oxford

Meet Tammie, Gym Beat's friendly coach, always sporting a warm smile. Tammie's journey is a colorful mix of caregiving and coaching adventures.

Starting with running a home daycare for many years, Tammie then embraced full-time motherhood and threw herself into volunteering, organizing camps, leading youth groups, and even going on mission trips. After that, she spent some time as a life coach before finding fulfillment in caretaking roles.

Tammie's ties to Gym Beat go way back; she brought her own kids here when they were little, and now she's watching her grandkids enjoy the gym too. Her decision to join the Gym Beat team was fueled by her love for seeing children learn and grow. She's passionate about sharing this opportunity not only with her family but with every child who walks through the gym's doors.

For Tammie, nothing beats hanging out with the little ones during private or group lessons. It fills her with joy to guide them through their gymnastics journey, seeing their faces light up with excitement and watching them grow more confident with each flip and tumble.

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