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Dianna Lopez

Introducing Dianna, the friendly face that graces our front desk! Since she became a part of our team last March, she has seamlessly integrated herself, infusing every interaction with a touch of warmth. Dianna love kids and takes joy in working with them, adding to the amiable and family-oriented atmosphere we value here.


Beyond her role at the front desk, Dianna is a multitasker extraordinaire. Proudly parenting two furry companions, she brings a playful spirit to her life outside the office. An avid reader, decorator, and dedicated churchgoer, Dianna also finds solace and balance in her passion for puzzles. Amidst all these interests, her heart is devoted to spending quality time with her seven grandchildren.

Dianna's professional expertise is evident from her past roles as a clerk and office manager, which shines through in her excellent customer-friendly approach. Her friendly and positive demeanor serves as a beacon, brightening up our workplace, and we're truly fortunate to have her as a cherished member of our family.

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