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Elizabeth DeCamp

Elizabeth practically grew up in our gym! She started taking classes when she was the same age many of her students are now! For over 10 ten years, Elizabeth steadily grew her passion of what she loved doing and transferred her skills to a competitive sport called Sports-Acro.


Here she represented Gymnastics Beat for many years climbing up the ranks until she achieved the level of Junior Elite twice and took the silver medal at Nationals in 2016! Elizabeth also enjoyed coaching the acrobatics team as well as summer camp. In her spare time, she enjoys cheerleading, football, and skiing of all kinds. While developing her own gymnastics and tumbling classes here at the gym, Elizabeth is very excited to pursue her ultimate life goal of becoming a doctor. 

Currently ‘Lizzie’ is on a 6-month training program at Fort Sill Army base, Oklahoma, where she just graduated and is officially a soldier!  She will return to Fresno sometime in April 2022 to resume coaching!  Congrats to you Lizzie and we can’t wait till you get back!

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