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Emma Tenorio

Emma is currently attending Central Unified newly built high school Justin Garza. She started out by taking a pre-k class in 2010 when she was just 3 years old at Gymnastics Beat. Emma practically grew up in this gym, like so many others and claims to have made so many happy memories with the coaches here. From open gym with coach Jill on mastering backhand springs to becoming a Rec Coach, all while being able to share her passion for cheer with our very own Pyramid Fundamentals Cheer Teams. 


In 2012 when Emma turned five, that was the start of an illustrious cheer career, which she never looked back. Her first coach was Tori and the very first All-Star team she got onto was called ‘Tiny Sparklers’. “I fell in love with this sport and went on to win so many 1st place medals and obtaining the grand prize of national champions (1st Place in the nation in 2017) with my Youth Level 1 team at the D2 Summit in Orlando Florida!”


Everyone here is like family to Emma and that’s the main reason she calls Gymnastics Beat her second home. “I grew up here with Sam, Claudia, Stefan, Tori, Jill and many other coaches, they are like extended family!”Being able to teach kids new skills the same way all the coaches have taught Emma makes her the happiest of all. Emma also enjoys doing birthday parties, camps, special events, clinics and above all, tries very hard not to bother her mom Janice, who happens to manage our office. When she is not in the gym, Emma enjoys hiking, baking, and spending time with friends and family. 


Her goal: “I’ve been able to travel to so many places with competition cheer, but one place I would love to go is Canada." Good luck Emma, and don’t talk back to your parents!

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