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Jayson Gonzalez

Jayson has been actively engaged in sports since the 2nd grade, participating in a variety of sports. With a wealth of sports experience, Jayson possesses a natural understanding of coaching and maintaining an active lifestyle as an adult.

His journey with Gymnastics Beat began when he discovered the "urban gymnastics" classes while his sister attended cheer tumbling classes at the old West Barstow Avenue location. Jayson, who regularly practiced parkour and free-running skills, later joined Gymnastics Beat as a coach through the California Teaching Fellows Foundation program after completing high school. During his time at CSU Monterey Bay, Jayson would return to Fresno during holidays and summers to contribute to camps and birthday parties.

In 2022, Jayson graduated with a BA in Communication Design and moved back to Fresno. His diverse experiences and dedication to Gymnastics Beat led him to become a valuable member of the team, eventually earning him the role of Birthday Party Coordinator. Though no longer in that role, Jayson continues to contribute his skills to make every party memorable.

Parents often specifically request Jayson for parties, as he has a talent for wowing kids with his Spiderman parkour and ninja skills. Look out, Bobby and Justin, there's some friendly competition in town! Jayson takes joy in continuing to stay physically active and bringing smiles to every child's face.

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