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Rae-Lynn Davis

Rae-Lynn started with us by attending one of our popular school field trips at age 5.  By the following year, she started taking regular gymnastics classes and was hooked ever since!  During her formidable years, she was scouted by one of our team coaches and tried out for the acrobatics team. From that day on, nothing could’ve stopped Rae-Lynn from competing for GymBeat!  Starting at level 4 all the way up to level 9, Rae-Lynn enjoyed competing and accomplishing many highlights including a level 4 award and taking 6th place at the Sports-Acro National Championships (level 7).

Rae-Lynn then transformed her fantastic acrobatics and tumbling skills into her new passion: Cheer!  She joined our Pyramid Athletics cheer team during her junior and senior year of high school and again, enjoyed winning along with her team- Queens, a national championship season with an NCA title and 1st place ring!

Aside from coaching now for our gym, Rae-Lynn loves art, music and maintaining her acro-tumbling skills by demonstrating for her students, what she learned from the early days to now as a college student at Fresno State. Rae-Lynn is hoping to major in History with a minor in Multi-Media, where upon graduating, she has her eyes set as an artist and educate others in History.

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