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Samantha Golden

Samantha (Sam) is a Clovis native. She started gymnastics at Clovis Academy of Gymnastics and Dance when she was just 3 years old, and trained with their recreational program until she was 18. Along the way, she competed on the Clark Intermediate School team and is especially proud to have been part of Clovis High’s undefeated gymnastics team for four years. 

With fifteen years of gymnastics under her belt, Sam couldn’t help but find herself back at the gym after a long break, and is very happy to have found a place at GymBeat.

Sam is our current Rec Director, and also serves as the editor in chief of GymBeat’s revised newsletter! Have a story or an interest in mind? 

She graduated with her BA in Creative Writing from Fresno State in May of 2022 and now works part time as a journalist for the Clovis Roundup Community Newspaper. She is also part of the Loud Mouth Slam Poets group in Visalia, and participates in slams in Fresno occasionally. 


She also plays bass in a local alternative punk band, and they’re going on their first multi-state tour in May 2023.

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