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Taylor Murray

Taylor began her journey with Gymnastics Beat during 6th grade summer camps, where she discovered her passion for the sport. Eager to enhance her skills, she joined Coach Jill's tumbling classes and frequented open gyms on weekends. Recognized for her talent, she was recruited by the JO gymnastics team and swiftly ascended to the Competitive team as a level 3 gymnast.

During the offseason, Taylor embraced a new role as a Jr. coach for summer camps in 2015, obtaining her worker's permit at 15 to continue her involvement at Gym Beat. Dedicated to her craft, she diligently attended practices 3-4 times weekly, in addition to conditioning sessions and open gyms. Taylor competed up to level 6, achieving notable success at state competitions.

Unfortunately, Taylor's gymnastics career was cut short by a knee injury, leading to emergency surgery and retirement from the sport. Undeterred, she shifted her focus to academics, earning acceptance into the ROP nursing program at her high school. Graduating with a CNA license, she embarked on a new athletic journey, joining Central High School's pole vault team, where her gymnastics background proved advantageous.

Despite facing another setback due to a knee injury, Taylor remained resilient.

Transitioning from athletics to employment as a lifeguard and later an in-home caretaker, she leveraged her nursing background. Taylor continued her academic pursuit, majoring in kinesiology at Fresno City College, with aspirations of a career in sports medicine.

Throughout her recovery, Taylor remained active, embracing yoga and Pilates to maintain strength and flexibility. Her passion for fitness led her back to Gymnastics Beat in 2022, this time as a coach, where she relishes sharing her expertise with aspiring athletes. Concurrently, she embarked on obtaining her Pilates license, aiming to further her career as an instructor at Blue Moon Yoga.

Taylor's dedication to health and fitness shines through her coaching endeavors and pursuit of professional certifications, reflecting her unwavering commitment to personal growth and helping others achieve their wellness goals.

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