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Claudia Getchell

Born and raised in Colombia, South America, our Operations Director has a deeper investment in our gym than most (20 years).


When we first met her, Claudia was a parent looking for a tumbling class for her 8 year-old daughter Stephanie. She liked what she saw at Gymnastics Beat and offered to help with any volunteer tasks needed while Stephanie was in class. Her hard work and dedication were immediately evident. It was not long before she was hired, and the rest is history.


Gymnastics Beat has benefited not only from her excellent management, education (B.A. in General Law), and people skills, but even more from her vision for developing our cheer program into something incredible.


In addition to her responsibilities managing the administration, she created and developed two branded cheer teams (CVC and now Pyramid Athletics). Under her leadership, the level 1 and 2 teams won the All-Star National Championships (the Summit) in Florida back-to-back amongst over 50 top teams, an accomplishment which had never been achieved before in the central valley!


Claudia’s advice for our students is “Reach for the stars, stay active, and always try something new!”

2024 Update: Claudia and her coaches returning back from the 'Summit' in Florida winning more top 10 finishes than ever before! This is truly a record for our cheer program called: Pyramid Athletics Cheer. Congrats to another successful championship year!

PA Recent Competitions in Florida:

  • Senior Level 4 Team (Cleopatra): Claimed the championship title, outshone 62 teams

  • JR. PHARAOHS: Earned the silver championship, finished 2nd out of 65 teams.

  • Senior Lady Lux Team Secured a commendable 6th place, competed against 41 teams.

  • Senior Level 5 Team: Finished 9th place, competed against 39 teams.

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