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Daryl Harris

As with many of the staff and coaches at Gymnastics Beat, we got to know Daryl as an athlete before we knew him as an employee. For not being trained as a competitive athlete from a young age, he impressed us with his high skill level and incredible positive energy!


As one of our coaches, he sets a great example as a role model for the many children who are under his instruction. With a B.A. in Arabic studies and strategic-military training while in the Navy, Daryl’s leadership and commitment to health and fitness are evident in everything he does!


“Everything” is the best word to describe Daryl's work! He leads team programs, works field trips, summer camps, and birthday parties on top of teaching yoga and being a substitute coach when necessary. He has choreographed and directed showcases for our Acrobatic Gymnastics class, completed a tumbling-urban demonstration for the Harlem Globetrotters, as well as performed in a Christmas show as the popular ‘singing grinch’ for the Fresno Art Hop in Riverpark.


Daryl’s willingness to step into a variety of roles has been a valuable asset to our gym. Even with short notice, he has handled coaching and administrative responsibilities with efficiency and dedication to our vision.

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