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Alex Hoover

Alex embarked on her calisthenics journey in 2019, initially focusing on refining fundamental exercises such as push-ups, parallel dips, and pull-ups. The Arizona native quickly transitioned to competitive arenas, making her debut in an amateur competition where she secured 2nd place—a valuable lesson in loss and determination.


Fuelled by the desire to train vigorously and compete internationally against women on par with their male counterparts, Alex's dreams materialized when she caught the attention of Brendan, the owner of World Calisthenics Organization Battle of the Bars. The invitation to compete was a life-changing opportunity, and she emerged victorious as the champ at Battle of the #38 in San Diego, facing off against a formidable Brazilian competitor.

Alex's journey took an exciting turn when she was invited to New York, a dream come true for the small-town girl turned calisthenics enthusiast. Facing the 1 vs. 1 female champion battle amid 15+ male contests until the early hours further ignited her passion for the sport.

Undeterred by challenges, Alex continued to push her limits, participating in Battle of the Bars #39 in LA just a week after her New York triumph. Despite facing injuries—pelvic floor issues, gastritis, and a torn hip flexor from her competitive volleyball days—she showcased resilience and determination, eventually taking a year off to heal.

After a year and some months, Alex returned to the scene, earning the chance to compete in a fully-funded tournament coming up this Oct 2024 in Dubai. This marked an extraordinary opportunity to face legendary athletes she admired since her early days in the sport.


Now, with years of experience, Alex is committed to training intelligently and passionately. As an advocate for balanced and mindful workouts, she has transitioned into a role where she helps women avoid overexertion and train smartly. Representing Gymnastics Beat, Alex is grateful for the support provided by Sam, the owner, and looks forward to the exciting journey ahead in the world of calisthenics. Stay tuned to witness her continued achievements and the unfolding chapters of her inspiring story!

Congratulations to Alex on her recent achievements!

- Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
- CPR Certified
- Signed Contracted PRO Female Freestyle Calisthenics Athlete


Continuing education and certifications are crucial in providing the best training and support for our athletes. Keep pushing forward and inspiring others with your commitment to excellence!


Alex in San Diego battle of the bars 2019 Championships.


Alex in a group photo of our Calisthenics Class members.

Alex doing a straddle split handstand with our cat Precious watching on!


Alex finally completes her shrimp move!!

Pictures of Alex on both p-bars and parallette bars.


Alex and Bobby teach a range of skills from beginner to advanced in their Saturday night calisthenics classes. For inquiries about this new program, reach out to Alex or Bobby!

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